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Existing CMS rivet routines for ttbar

Available CMS Monte Carlo samples: with NNPDF30NLO (5 flavour, alphas=0.118), top mass=172.5 GeV, TuneCUETP8M1 (Tune:ee 7, Tune:pp 18)

Powheg+Pythia8.205 ttbar card: tt_hdamp_nnpdf30_13tev_powheg.input.txt

madgraph_aMC@NLO+Pythia8.205 0,1,2 jets NLO merged cards: tt012j_5f_ckm_nlo_fxfx_customizecards.dat.txt tt012j_5f_ckm_nlo_fxfx_proc_card.dat.txt tt012j_5f_ckm_nlo_fxfx_run_card.dat.txt tt012j_5f_ckm_nlo_fxfx_madspin_card.dat.txt

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