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FXS: Higgs production from SUSY cascades

Done by: Ursula Laa

Considered SUSY simplified model suggested in arXiv:1703.06544, tested by CMS in SUS-16-045.


Picked benchmark with light sbottom, but outside CMS exclusion: m(sbottom) = 300 GeV, m(chi02) = 280 GeV and m(chi01) = 150 GeV. Generated events with Pythia 8 and tested against ATLAS 8 TeV SUSY searches using CheckMATE, but also using Rivet and Contur to test effects in the Higgs fiducial measurement in the diphoton final state (arXiv:1407.4222, Rivet analysis ATLAS_2014_I1306615)

SLHA file: t6bbhh.txt (this is a simplified model input, not a fully consistent model point)

Results from CheckMATE

Test: Calculation of r = signal/(95%CL limit on signal)
Result: Allowed
Result for r: 0.236342309023
Analysis: atlas_conf_2013_036
SR: SR1noZ

nb this is a 4leptons+MET search;
2nd best result is from 0-1 lepton + 3 b-jets search which has more events but less sensitivity

Results from Rivet and Contur

Contur reports 52% CL exclusion from high pT bin of diphoton-dijet distribution, see left plot below (red line is measurement + signal). Note, however, that Contur assumes data=SM, which is not a good approximation in this case, see the ATLAS plot on the right.

In addition: large contribution in fiducial selection with large MET, see region 7 in the left plot below (done with Rivet). Here, the red line is signal contribution only. Note that the data point in region 7 is actually not a measurement but a 95% CL limit, so this bin excludes the benchmark point!

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