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Single Top plus dark matter at LHC

People: Genevieve Belanger, Jose No, Priscilla Pani, Giacomo Polesello, Bryan Zaldivar, Fabio Maltoni



  • Understand the power of single top/Wt signatures in the context of Dm simplified models and 2HDM


  • Model currently in use is the 2HDM + pseudoscalar from Ref []
  • Additional posible models: singlet (available), double singlet (not available)

Detailed Work Plan

1) H+t on shell

  • check xsec*BR for H+top (Giacomo)
  • check multijet susy recast sensitivity (Benji+inputs Giacomo)

2) H+H- (Jose)

  • check the cross section and compare with chargino production
  • recast the chargino analysis in WW

3) check diphoton constraints on the A/H guys for low tan beta (Brian)

General Work Plan

  • Establish viable regions of parameter space of 2HDM+S model via scan of parameter space
  • Evaluate sensitivity of existing monotop searches in parameter space
  • Develop dedicated search strategy based on parametrised simulation of signal and background and evaluate reach for 300 fb-1 (Benj: why would a different monotop strategy be needed? Giacomo Because existing analyses may cut too hard for the topologies we are interested in; Benj: aha this is the thing we discussed the other day! Then I am definitely interested.)
  • Compare final state topology with simplified model with only one singlet
  • Develop variables for measurement of model characteristics


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