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Exotics decay of heavy bosons in VLQs and extra scalars

People interested: Daniele Barducci, Thomas Flacke, Minho Son, Benjamin Fuks, Devdatta Majumder, Ramona Groeber, Haiying Cai, Tetiana Berger-Hryn'ova , Alexandra Carvalho, Abhishek Iyer Tom Rizzo…

Motivations and goal

  • Exotic decays such as $\rho \to T \bar t$ can eat branching ratio from standard search channels (dilepton, dibosons), rendering these direct searches less sensitive (see e.g. Fig. 3)
  • Investigate the signatures arising from the decay of a heavy bosons (spin 0 and spin 1) in SM quarks and VLQs, e.g. Z'→ VLQ top, or extra light scalars, e.g. Z' → Z a

Possibile bosons involve

  • spin 1 color singlet
  • spin 1 color octet
  • spin 0 color singlet


  • Categorize the possible decays of the identified resonances. This was done for VLQ in Les Houches 2015

  • Check the sensitivity of SM searches. For example the $\rho \to T \bar t \to Z t \bar t$ has the same final state of the SM $t\bar t Z$ search
  • Check the sensitivity of single production mode. Also in this case the final state can be the same. However single production searches usually exploit a forward jet, which is not present here



  • 20-06-2017


Further questions

  • From the polarization of the top arising from the decay is it possible to infer the representation to which the heavy boson belongs, i.e. predict the presence of other states?
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