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Explanation of Contur plot format

The plots have two sections.

  • The top shows the measurement (black point with error bars) compared to the sum of the measurement plus any contribution from the BSM scenario under consideration (red histogram).
  • The lower section displays the same information but now as a ratio to the measurement BSM/data (red histogram), with the yellow band indicating the fractional uncertainty in the measurement. So, loosely, if the red histogram has an excursion beyond the yellow band, expect an exclusion of 65% or more.

The number in square brackets in the legend indicates the bin number of the bin giving the exclusion (remember, at present Contur only uses the most discrepant bin, as a conservative way of accounting for correlated uncertainties). The number next to it is the c.l. of the exclusion from that bin (i.e. 1-p).

The main index page starts with the overall exclusion, and then the plots from each category which gave this exclusion (only the most discrepant from each category is used). Below this is a comprehensive list of all plots considered, along with links to the experimental papers and the plots themselves.

Contur projects

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