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Heavy Flavour sub working group

interested people: Vitaliano, Carlo, Josh Mc, Davide, Peter, Luca Perrozzi (, Christoph Grab (, Pirmin Berger (, A. Vicini and collaborators

first discussion

A few possible studies have been mentioned

  • new experimental studies and recent theoretical ideas might allow us to improve on the “modelling” of FSR g→ bbar (i.e. perhaps some choices for relevant MC parameters might be constrained?). Not obvious if there are direct and phenomenologically relevant applications. However it'd be good to establish if some new exp results would really allow PS developers to make progress. If that's the case, worth putting some effort…
  • flavour excitation: in the context of W-mass measurements, modelling of these effects in PS (and consequently in NLO+PS) is potentially a non-negligible source of uncertainties. Quantify it?
  • pp > V + bbar vs pp> V + H(bbar)

References mentioned:

$B/\bar{B}$ angular correlations based on secondary vertex reconstruction in $pp$ collisions (CMS)

Disentangling Heavy Flavor at Colliders

Measurement of b-hadron pair production with the ATLAS detector in proton-proton collisions at s√=8 TeV

VHbb Rivet routines to perform Hbb related checks (mbb and scale variations)

On Tuesday morning we'll meet to finalize and decide what type of studies can be performed

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