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Dibosons VBS production

Interested people: Vitaliano, Kenneth, Efe, Simon, Carlo, Reina Camacho, Mathieu, Marco, Michael…ADD YOUR NAME HERE…

A discussion is scheduled on Monday afternoon.

  • Kenneth will discuss theory issues in dibosons ewk analyses in CMS
  • Simon will discuss possible studies to be done as a Les Houches project

Proposed study:

  • assess off-shell and interference effects at LO (without PS) for different value of \Delta\eta_jj and m_jj cut
  • define “signal” (VBS topology) vs “background” (QCD-like topology) based on the results of the above study
  • from the above also assess to which precision VBS-like approximation for NLO calculation is reliable (the same effects are those neglected in this approximation)
  • study if by taking the ratio of xsec for “signal” to “background” regions some theory uncertainties on QCD VVjj production cancel out
  • [(maybe) check the effect of VBS WW as background to H→WW]

Processes to be studied:

  • pp → jj W⁺Z:

48 processes and 976 diagrams

  • pp → jj W⁺W⁻:

76 processes and 1432 diagrams

So pp → jj W⁺Z will be studied first and if enough time, pp → jj W⁺W⁻ afterwards. –> pp → jj \mu⁺ \mu⁻ e⁺ \nu_e with p = u u~ d d~ c c~ s s~ with j = u u~ d d~ c c~ s s~

The convener of the group is Kenneth. Unless someone wants to be the convener. Any objections?

Definition of the cuts (apart from \Delta\eta_jj and m_jj)?

Input parameters?

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