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Les Houches

2021 Session

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NNLO subgroup

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  • comparison of IR subtraction schemes (Drell-Yan as benchmark?) contributors: Joao Pires, Roaul Röntsch, Frank Tackmann, Stefan Kallweit
  • APPLFast Tables: come up with common interface for input to Tables, such that N(N)LO code providers can stick to standards as guidelines for the output format they provide (Les Houches APPLcord?) contributors: Daniel Maitre, Mark Sutton, Klaus Rabbertz, Claire Gwenlan
  • working out standards for
    • output format of (NNLO) fixed order results to pass to parton showers (at runtime)
    • providing two-loop amplitudes to combine them with other building blocks making up a NNLO fixed order calculation. contributors: Daniel Maitre, Gudrun Heinrich, Stefan Prestel(?), Joey Huston (user)
  • ntuples for NNLO predictions (such as inclusive jets, W/Z/H+1 jet) contributors: Daniel Maitre
  • standards for public multi-loop results (e.g. Loopedia, extended UFO) plan: come up with Drell-Yan as an example for tool-chain at various levels in UFO format. contributors: Valentin Hirschi, Gudrun Heinrich, Claude Duhr, Silvan Kuttimalai, Hua-Sheng Shao, Joey Huston, Grigorios Chachamis, …
  • calculation of 2-loop amplitudes contributors: Johannes Henn, Grigorios Chachamis, …
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