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2021 Session

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LH Accord for scale variations

People: João Pires, Kostas Theofilatos, Joey Huston, Mario Campanelli … (add your name if you are interested)

Notes from the discussion in LH

Slides: scale choices

  • decompose inclusive PT distributions to the sum of PT1, PT2, PT3, PT4+ (possible follow-up from the planned experimental measurements), (award is: bet of free coffee from Daniel Maitre)
  • what about other scales HT/2
  • cone size dependences
  • Gregors Soyez suggestion for DR-informed scale varition for large and small anglularly separated jets (?) [to be further clarified]

For more details, see the notes for the Fixed Order vs ME+PS comparisons for inclusive jets

Scale choices in ratios

  • understand degree of scale cancellations in ratios of cross sections by comparing NLO predictions with corresponding NNLO ones, i.e. W+>=1 jet/Z+>=1 jet, H+>=1 jet/Z+>=1 jet at NLO and at NNLO, using same central scale and variations about that scale

sub-set of questions from Cambridge Scales workshop:

  • Ratios of cross sections; we can categorize situations where the choice of the same (or similar) scale for the numerator and denominator is warranted; in order of strength of validity -ratio of same cross section at different energies
  • ratio of same cross section at different rapidities
  • ratio of n/n-1 jet cross sections
  • ratio of X+n jet/Y+ n jet, where X and Y are similar, i.e. W and Z
  • ratio of X+n jet/Y+ n jet, where X and Y are dissimilar, i.e. W and H
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