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2019 Session

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SMEFT analysis of high-pT dilepton tails, including angular observables

Participants Aoife Bharucha, Dario Buttazzo, Juhi Dutta, Berni Gaud, Tetiana Hrynova, David Marzocca, Marco Nardecchia, Giacomo Polesello, Priscilla Pani, Minho Son, Elena Venturi, Natascia Vignaroli, Tevong You, Adam Falkowski


Notes: PDF

To do:

  • Validate our UFO against other codes (e.g. SMEFTsim) (Elena and Jordan)
  • (Done) List the parameter points required to build the complete EFT dependence of the signal
  • Clarify the required simulations (only parton level, or also showering) for the 8TeV analysis [1606.01736], which shows double-differential cross sections at the Born level (in QED). (Juhi, Natascia, David)
  • Fix details of the simulations (David, Juhi)
  • Run the simulations for the benchmark points (38 points)
  • Build the global likelihood and derive the fit: 1) linear vs. quadratic, 2) including angular distributions vs. not including.
  • Consider 13 TeV data
  • Consider p p > l nu (limits on the triplet operators) and either study sensitivity prospects or recast data

Please add your email

  • (contact person)

Other topics for consideration

  • LFV dsigma(pp>mutau)/dm
  • Improving sensitivity on operators with b-quarks in high-pT mu-mu, tau-tau, tau-nu tails with b-tagging.
  • pp → llq: Adam, Natascia, Aoife
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