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Contact Person: Priscilla

Project: Studying single-production of third-generation LQ with tops and missing energy in the final state.

Participants: Giacomo Polesello, Priscilla Pani, David Marzocca, Dario Buttazzo

To do: Leptoquarks with charge 1/3 (or 2/3) can be singly produced in b-gluon with associated neutrino (tau) and decay to top and tau (neutrino). Study LHC sensitivity for such states. Some relevant leptoquarks are: scalar S_1 (Q=1/3), scalar S_3 (components with Q=-2/3 or Q=1/3), vector U_1 (Q=2/3).


More complex particle content: For example, add VLQs and VLLs to the particle content

  • Make/check model files (UFO, Feynrules,…)
  • Contur constraints
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