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LFU ratio R with actual data


Extract R(m_ll) from these searches:

Preliminary Results

  • R with ATLAS Drell-Yan analysis 8TeV 20.3/fb: Plot
  • R with ATLAS Drell-Yan analysis 13 TeV 36/fb: Plot
  • Examples of R with some benchmark EFT coefficients: Plot
  • On uncertainties, looking at the ratio of PDFs between 13 and 8 TeV: we expect signal statistics to increase by at least a factor of 2 per fb-1 below 1TeV and up to a factor of 3 at 1.5TeV. For 8TeV ATLAS measurement stat and syst uncertanties are compatible up to ~300-380GeV. Increasing the data to full Run 2 would make stat and syst compatible up to around 500GeV using the current binning. We would expect another factor of 2 of stat uncertainties decrease for full Run 3 with ATLAS/CMS combination.

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