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Contact (Werner)

This is based on SU(4)xSU(2)_LxU(1)_R, the plan is to extend the particle content of arXiv:1808.05511 by additional vector-like leptons to get the U_1 vector leptoquark in the mass range of a view TeV. If needed, also vector-like quarks will be added. Scalar sector consists of a 2HDM, two scalar leptoquarks (3,2,1/6) and (3,2,7/6), scalar gluons G0 and G+; vector particles: U_1, Z_(B-L)

Plan: work out 2 sets of bench mark points for the LHC

  • set 1 explains the B-physics anomalies
  • set 2 the parameters are chosen such that the low energy observables are consistent with SM-predictions.

In both case, the existing collider constraints will be checked with contur

Interesting collider signatures

  • leptoquark decaying to vectorlike fermion + SM fermion (overlap with VLQ project led by Thomas); potentially also heavy Higgs boson can appear in the decay chain
  • LQ → t tau+
  • LQ → t nu_R
  • G+ → t b, e.g. pp → G+ t b

Please add yourself in the list below, if you want to contribute:

  • Jon Butterworth
  • Thomas Faber
  • Thomas Flacke
  • Benjamin Fuks
  • Yang Liu
  • Werner Porod
  • Giacomo Polesello
  • Adil Jueid
  • Priscilla Pani
  • Aoife Bharucha
  • Louie Corpe
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