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BSM Tools/MC ideas before Les Houches

Please add to this list of potential topics, in as much detail as you wish. The conveners will use this information to plan the main activity areas in advance of the LH meeting:

  • Recasting tools: comparisons, complementarity, and interoperability. Common steering, Rivet/MG5 integration
  • Global fits / recasting / scanning spaces. Gambit, CheckMATE, SModelS, MA5: interoperation?
  • Detector effect characterisation: estimation, dominant effects for LLPs, substructure, others
  • Fits from unfolded fiducial measurements: Contur, TopFitter, others?
  • Complementarity of Contur analyses and dedicated searches
  • Analysis preservation: required information and tools for generation, storage, and usage. Likelihood preservation strategies
  • Preservation and reinterpretation of MVA classifier results
  • Reco-level event format?
  • LLP recasting: efficiency parametrisation and fiducial definitions (to simplify efficiencies?)
  • Resonance search recasting
  • Control region unfolding: unfolding methods
  • (Next-to-)simplified likelihoods and EFT explorations
  • Using likelihoods to drive analysis optimisation
  • Beyond EFT: unitarity, exploring the continuum between EFT and full models
  • BSM modelling with MC: missing effects? Speed & ML-based evgen approximators
  • Fast cross-section prediction and search-region classification with AI
  • Future colliders: detector effects, …

Machine Learning and generations

  • Generating events with Machine Learning : Deep generative models and all that
  • ML based parameter estimation methods / scanning parameters
  • various other topics, see introduction slides
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