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Jet activity in VBF W events

Goal: compare Monte-Carlo predictions for the jet activity in the rapidity gap in VBF vector boson production

People involved; Paolo Azzurri, Kenneth Long, Vitaliano Ciulli, Stefan Prestel, Lorenzo Viliani, Mathieu Pellen, Giovanni Pelliccioli, Christopher Schwan, Aram Apyan, Christian Reuschle, Jeppe R. Andersen, Leif Gellersen, Yacine Haddad, Carlo Pandini (mainly interested in following the background part of the study), Enrico Bothmann

Numerical inputs:

The inputs are essentially the same as for the last report (page 187-188):

  • M_t = 173.21 GeV, Gamma_t = 0 GeV
  • M^OS_Z = 91.1876 GeV, Gamma^OS_Z = 2.4952 GeV,
  • M^OS_W = 80.385 GeV, Gamma^OS_W = 2.085 GeV,
  • M_H = 125.0 GeV, Gamma_H = 4.07 × 10^−3 GeV.

The translation into pole masses and widths for the gauge bosons is given in Eq. (V.13). The pole values are used for the numerical simulations.

g_mu scheme with G_μ = 1.16637 × 10^−5 GeV^−2 leading to → α = 7.555310522369 × 10 −3

Complex mass scheme (if possible).

PDF: NNPDF31_nlo_as_0118_luxqed (to allow maybe EW corrections to be computed).

Scales: mu = M_W (fixed) and mu = Sqrt[pTj1 * pTj2] (dynamical, preferred).

Event selection


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