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Four Top Complementarity

Deepak, David, Benj, Andy B…

Note Benjamin's paper on speculative differential 4-top impact on sgluon models: arXiv:1805.10835


AB: plan is to look at complementarity of a pseudodata differential measurement (for various lumis) vs current searches?

  • UFO Model + example Herwig runcard 2hdm.tar.gz
  • Benchmark ATLAS for 4 top comparison, fig 19b 1903.01400.pdf
  • From Benj: On the MadAnalysis 5, we have fully validated CMS reimplementations (37 and 140 fb-1) but are struggling to validate the ATLAS one. Any help would be welcome.

NB. this model is also being studied for other signatures here. Paper:

(Ben F to supply SLHA+UFO?)

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