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Using rivet searches in Contur


0-lepton + MET + nJets SUSY search (3.2/fb). HEPData entry:

Has a rivet routine !

On HEPdata, tables 4-10 contain the Meff distributions which contain the SRs, with info about the Data, SM Bkg (inc uncertainties split by stat and syst). This is perfect for CONTUR !

Here is one, but there are 7 SRs…

Unfortunately the rivet routine only quotes the integrated signal in those regions and is not linked to the HEPdata entry. This was fairly trivial to change by filling a Histo1D, and using the ref data from HEPData as ref. The exclusion power of using this 3.2/fb search in CONTUR was tested using a Z'-mediated DM model..

The sensitivity scan here is for different values of Z' and DM mass in the Z'-mediated DM model:

And it gives a similar sensitivity to a Jet+MET measurement at the same luminosity:

Th next step is that we can update to the full 36/fb version which is on HEPdata here:

but does not yet have a Rivet routine… this should be an easy copy over from the 3/fb version.

Has many more SRs: o(20)!

Full Run II dileptons

Andy, Louie, Tanya … can we write a rivet routine for this and use it in contur? Good model to try this on is the Third Family Hypercharge Model studied in 1904.10954 (UFO files)

The HEPData entry is here:

We want to reproduce the data from tables 1 and 2. Resolution functions are given in tables 23 and 24 as a function of truth Mll. These last tables basically give the values for the parameters of functions.

Then we'd need to figure out the stat correlations if we wanted to do a resonant search, Idea is to fill Bootstraps for o(1000) pseudo experiments and see how events migrate. For a given Mll, sample from the resulting resolution function.

Andy working on this.

Themore detailed interference study has its own page here.

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