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Preliminary list of topics for 2021

(accessible to everyone, editing rights to conveners and organizers)

Session 1

Jet substructure techniques:

  • Interplay of jet substructure with other groups (e.g. jet substructure for EW measurements like VBF, semileptonic VV, etc.)
  • Snowmass jet substructure report (JSS at future colliders) [work + discussion]
  • What can we do with previous colliders, in light of the LHC [discussion]
  • Comparing new unfolding methods
    • Accord on unbinned results (?)
  • Probing the latest MC generators (PB algorithm, PANScales, Deductor…) with jet substructure
    • Finite N_C, beyond LL, …

Techniques and calculations for SM phenomenology:

` * Calculations:

  • expected precision for fundamental Standard Model processes at 14 and 100 TeV; what calculations are needed to match this precision?
  • 2→3 at NNLO; status/challenges/prospects
  • theory uncertainties; more rigorous estimates? correlations?
  • theoretically sound definition of FONLL at the differential level, beyond incl. cross sections?
  • PDFs:
    • followup on PDF4LHC15 benchmarking exercise; better understanding of tolerances, tensions
    • EW corrections/EW PDFs; how to provide consistent calculations
    • small x resummation; what is HERA trying to tell us?
    • EIC; what will EIC tell us? how do we prepare for that?
  • Higgs:
    • understanding the SM for high Higgs pT; role of top mass corrections/scheme (MSbar vs on-shell); improving channel sensitivities
    • polarisation measurements (for diboson/VBS as well)
  • Top:
    • MSbar vs on-shell
    • ttW; tension; can new calculations resolve it?
  • Jets:
    • flavor tagging of jets; matching what theorists can predict (IR safety) and what experimentalists can measure

Monte Carlo:

  • Non-perturbative uncertainties
    • common hadronisation interface and variations
    • theoretical understanding
    • differences in tuned comparisons
    • pheno impact for certain classes of processes (e.g. VBF/VBS)
  • Shower accuracy studies
    • comparing different schemes on higher orders, evaluate phenomenological impact
    • Subleading colour and interplay with colour reconnection
    • New sampling methods and algorithms versus machine learning techniques
    • Accuracy of merging resummed calculation versus ME+PS paradigms
  • Photon physics, modelling of fragmentation
  • Heavy flavour matching
    • review of existing measurements
    • Connecting precision calculation, fragmentation and decays
    • partons at 100 TeV
  • Common LHC event bazaar
  • Status and needs for electroweak corrections and radiation in shower algorithms
  • Machine learning and adaptive Monte Carlo methods

SM Higgs Topics:

  • ggF
    • N3LO PDFs, small-x
    • EW corrections
    • cuts/differential distributions
  • B-quark issues
    • Ttbb, V+HF, VH
    • 4FNS vs 5FNS: bbH, t/H/Z+j QCD EW…
    • Flavour jet algo\
  • ggVV
    • Massive results [if we’ll have them, probably yes]
  • VBF
    • Factor vs non-factor: TH vs EXP discussion on cuts etc (especially Run3)
  • Jet-ology
    • NNLO+NLO res, VH+J, NNLO+decay & fiducial studies
  • HH
    • EFTs, H vs HH
  • In general, EFT fits etc
  • Exp vs theory efficient information exchange
    • Likelihood, discriminators as black box
    • Differential distribution. TH insight for measurements…
  • PS issues (SLC, higher logs…, liaise with QCD)
  • New opportunity for Run3 (unexplored regions, != cuts etc)
  • STXS
    • for decays - binned proposal
  • FO/Boosted
    • NLO-Improved NNLO HTL predictions for gg → H(→yy)+Jet in the fiducial region, experimental sensitivity to different decay channels as a function of pt
    • Mixed QCD-EW contributions to higgs (e.g. 2010.09451, 2007.09813)
  • Backgrounds
    • Predictions+uncertainty models for backgrounds to ttH production: tt+HF, ggH+HF, tt+V, previous proposal was to estimate ttV EW correction in different phase space regions
  • 4FS/5FS
    • bbar → higgs (e.g. 2004.04752)
    • tHj tZj QCD+EW (e.g. 2006.10086), various 4FS/5FS matching issues to consider
  • Showers
    • New showers, subleading-colour issues with parton showers and possible effects on Higgs physics (PanSccales 2011.10054; Forshaw, Plätzer et al 2003.06400, 2007.09648, 2011.15087, 2012.15215)

Session 2

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