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Higgs Working Group

Some topics for Session 1

a) PDF uncertainties for gluon-gluon fusion

  • -trace differences between CTEQ, MSTW and NNPDF to see if uncertainty can be reduced

b) Acceptances and uncertainties of acceptances for Higgs (gg→Higgs→WW/ZZ)

c) Higgs+jets cross sections

  • - comparisons of @MC@NLO, Powheg MINLO, MEPS@NLO, HEJ, etc
  • - comparisons of W/Z+jets with above (+LoopSim) as a testbed
  • - revisit tag jets: hadronization uncertainties for high rapidity jets

d) Higgs+jets uncertainties

  • -new scheme for jet veto uncertainties using Higgs+0, Higgs+1 jet resummation calculations
  • -comparison of Higgs+0 jet resummation results

e) Higgs+b's (ex: VH,H→bb)

f) Double Higgs production

g) H → 2gamma (signal and background)


Higgs+dijets (ggF) uncertainty study

Topics for Session 2

Concrete projects

1) Higgs Effective Lagrangian (HEL)

  • Constraints on EWK Effective Operators from LEP1&2 (incl. TGC), LHC
  • Map operators to experimental observables
  • Dipole operators (top)
  • Implementation of Effective Lagrangian in POWHEG for single Higgs production

2) Exotic Higgs Decays

  • Classify possible exotic Higgs decays
  • Check existing constraints on the couplings mediating exotic decays
  • Prompt experimental searches for the motivated decays that are not being searched for by experiments

3) Double Higgs Production

  • Study feasibility of double Higgs production via VBF at the LHC and future colliders

4) Higgs Couplings and BSM Physics

5) Theoretical uncertainties in the global Higgs fits

Topics that were discussed during the Les Houches workshop

a1) Higgs Effective Lagrangian (HEL)

  • implementation of HEL in MC generators (ex: gg→h, h→4f)
  • wishlist of NLO calculations within the HEL approach
  • updated and complete analysis of current constraints from Higgs, flavor and precision data on the coefficients of HEL
  • estimate of future sensitivity of the LHC on the coefficients of HEL

a2) Triple Gauge Couplings (TGC)

Interplay of triple gauge couplings and Higgs measurements in the effective Lagrangian.

b) Identify most promising Higgs observables and processes to discover New Physics, given the current constraints and exclusion limits:

  1. from the viewpoint of specific models. Ex: natural SUSY, composite Higgs
  2. from the viewpoint of the HEL

c) Higgs and Dark Matter: Higgs portal models, Higgs→invisible, Higgs + invisible associated production

d) Higgs in decays of New Heavy particles

e) effects of NP on Higgs BR's, using existing contraints (SUSY was done during last Les Houches)

f) Naturalness:

g) Exotic Higgs Decays

h) Theoretical uncertainties in the global Higgs fits

i) Constraints on “other” Higgses in multi-Higgs models and ways how to look for them at LHC (including heavy Higgs –> hh decays, where h is the 125 GeV state).

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