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Les Houches

2021 Session

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The aim is to construct simplified models for EW spin-1 resonances arising from strongly-coupled EWSB dynamics which can be used by the experimental collaborations to report their results.

Quantum numbers considered: rhoL (3,1) ; rhoR (1,3) of SO(4)~SU(2)_L x SU(2)_R


We will consider two simplified models, corresponding to two broad interesting theoretical scenarios:

(A) Model with universal rho couplings to SM fermions (through A-rho mixing) + direct couplings to top/bottom Parameters: { grho (L/R), mrho (L/R), g_top }

(B) Model with MFV fermion couplings Parameters: { grho (L/R), mrho (L/R), theta_u , theta_d }


1) Rotating the Lagrangian into mass eigestate basis (expanding in powers of H/f) [ Roberto C., C. Grojean, Jamison G., Veronica S., Andreas W. … ]

Notes on rotation for model (A)

2) Implementation of the models into FeynRules [ Veronica S., Andreas W. … ]

3) Derive combined bounds from the existing searches (ll, lnu, VV, Vh, tt, tb) + EWPT [ Gustaaf B., R. Rosenfeld … ]

4) Mapping into popular models [ Seung L. … ]

5) Extensions (e.g. SO(6)) [ Aldo D. … ]

6) Implementation in CalcHEP [ R. Rosenfeld … ]

People interested (please sign up)

Veronica S., Andreas W., Gustaaf B., Roberto C., C. Grojean, Jamison G., Aldo D., A. Kaminska, R. Rosenfeld, Seung L., …

Literature arXiv:1109.1570

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