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Les Houches

2021 Session

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New Physics

BSM physics in the context of a ~125 GeV Higgs boson

Higgs bosons
  • Additional Higgses
  • Composite Higgs
  • Higgs in NP decay chains
The third generation
  • New physics producing tops: classify according to the number of final state top quarks? (Simplified models for mono, single and multitop production?)
Vector-like fermions
  • General parameterisations
  • Multi vector-like multiplets study
  • bottom-up (from experimental signatures to models, VL+other BSM particles, chain decays)
Soft BSM at LHC
  • Compressed spectra
"Effective New Physics" and a 125 GeV Higgs
Dark Matter

Simplified model for a heavy spin-1 resonance with EW quantum numbers (rho)

Simplified models in the SUSY context

  • SModleS development
  • Improving SMS interpretations
  • Wishlist for the presentation of SMS results
  • see dedicated SMS page

R-Parity Violating Stuff

  • Some stuff is here

Reinterpreting New Physics Searches / Presentation of Results

Reinterpreting SUSY searches with non-minimal flavor violation
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