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Les Houches

2021 Session

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Tools and Monte Carlos

A list of topics common for sessions 1 and 2

  • Data vs Theory (Tools and MC)
    • Making use of Rivet → have Rivet tutorial early in workshop (see here)
    • Dressed leptons: what is the best way of making comparisons between data and theory
    • More sophisticated looks at analyses with background subtractions
    • Try to constrain jet content of UE
  • Update of the LHE file format The LHE file format has been around since 2006 and at the workshop 2009 there was a proposal for an updated version 2 of the format. Before this meeting additional suggestens were mad, mainly related to the handling of weights here and here. After discussion there is now the following suggested LHEF update.

A list of topics for session 1

  • Schemes to systematically evaluate uncertainties in the new NLO tools
  • Comparison of NLO tools (continuation/extension of HiggsWG activity)
    • testcase: Higgs boson production in gluon fusion
    • inclusive quantities: Higgs pt, y distributions, Njets etc. & uncertainties
    • testing the high-pt regime
    • testing the two jet regime with weak boson fusion cuts
  • Inclusion of ew corrections for TeV-scale processes
    • Write a brief summary of guidance for best practice
    • understanding the requirements for a systematic implementation
    • Rivet comparison of QED correction implementations in Z→ll: ATLAS phi* analysis and isolated photon
  • Comparison of recent NLO matching/merging tools
    • review tools & techniques
    • highlight issues through example processes
    • aim for short write-up for non-experts on matching / merging, focusing on NLO merging, ending with roadmap for where further improvement is desired / necessary / not necessary.
  • Jet substructure in the presence of high pile-up
    • see dedicated page for details

A list of topics for session 2

  • Proposal for a new event file format (to get rid of the huge stdhep and hepmc files)
  • Extending the SLHA to include cross section information (automate event-by-event weighting with higher order cross sections)
  • DLHA (Dark Matter Les Houches Accord)
  • SMS decomposition: Libraries with simplified models, the associated analyses, LHC results as well as their reinterpretation …. see also BSM group
  • Tutorials on ROOSTATS and ROOFIT
  • Compressed models: matching and cie
  • (fast) Detector simulation for long-lived particles
  • Recipes for pp → SUSY inclusive+hard radiation with matrix element generators (how to prevent double counting, etc.)

Following the kick-off meeting on Thurs 13th we agreed the following list of activities

Other suggestions did not seem to have enough critical mass. We are happy to schedule additional tutorials if enough people using the programs want them, otherwise users and the authors can discuss in private.

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