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Composite Higgs and Top Partners

If you are interested in contributing please subscribe to the Mailing list. You will be asked to log in with your CERN account. If you don't have a CERN account, please fill this form to create a lightweight account.

Topics of interest:

  • Impact of NLO effects on single vector-like quark (VLQ) production (forward tagging jet is a useful tool, how affected by NLO)?
  • VLQ decays to W/Z/h+q, with q a light quark are plausible, should be explored for both single and pair production: investigate which channels remain unexplored and if that leads to a significant sensitivity loss.
  • Are low mass VLQ B (decaying to h/Z+b) excluded?
  • In case of observation, what can we learn about the VLQ nature (multiple, UV completion) from chirality of couplings to W,Z, BRs,…
  • What about heavy (charged or neutral) tau partners? (Searches in V/h+tau) Or l^-N^++ production? Leads to similar final state as W_R production but with opposite-sign dilepton, but at much lower scale. Florian Goertz, Adrian Carmona
  • What is the sensitivity to additional higgses produced in pairs and each decaying to VV, Vgamma or gammagamma? A group on general study has been set up in the Higgs WG: Pair production of heavy Higgs partners
  • Vector boson pair production can be mediated by t-channel Q. What is the impact on V pT etc? Edward Boos, Jose Santiago, Aurelio Juste, Giacomo Cacciapaglia


* Benjamin Fuks, Aldo Deandrea (for the NLO study)

* Daniele Barducci, Aurelio Juste, Edward Boos, Jose Santiago, Devdatta Majumder: discrimination of the chirality of the VLQ. Impact of higher masses vs SM top approach. (Perhaps starting look at X53→W+W+b) Compare bW with tZ or tH decay channels for T23.

* Giacomo Cacciapaglia: pair produced Higgs partners (transversal group in Higgs WG), VLQ → H jet (feeds to exotic Higgs production group).

* Alberto Parolini: VLQ nature, tau partners, more Higgses.

Discussion of 18th of June:

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