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Rivet for correlated weights

David Grellscheid and Daniel Maitre tested the feature of the new Rivet version that allows correlated weights to be taken into account correctly in Rivet analyses. This new feature allows to pipe nTuples directly into Rivet. An example implementation and the updated nTupleReader library is attached.

nTuple2Rivet program

nTupleReader library

The program can be called with

nTuple2Rivet RIVET_ANALYSIS_NAME nTupleFile1.root nTupleFile2.root ....

and will create a RIVET_ANALYSIS_NAME.yoda file with the analysis histograms.

This only works for a new version of Rivet. The Les Houches preview version is available, but it is not an official, public Rivet release. Please keep this in mind and check with the Rivet group for later versions before publishing results.

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