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Interference effects in the search for heavy Higgs bosons

Interested people: Stefan Liebler, Jérémie Quevillon, Sabine Kraml, Alexandra Carvalho, Ramona Gröber, Tetiana Berger-Hryn'ova, Fabio Maltoni [add your names]

Motivation: The search for additional heavy Higgs bosons is often carried out in the narrow width approximation, i.e. interferences of the Higgs bosons with the SM background as well as the light Higgs boson or other heavy Higgs bosons are neglected. The first analysis taking into account such interferences was carried out by ATLAS in the $t\bar t$ final state [ATLAS-CONF-2016-073]. Such interference terms are usually strongly final state and model dependent.

Idea: To classify the free parameters setting the interference terms starting with the $VV$ and $HH$ final states. Try to provide a guidance where interferences are expected to be sizable.

The below table gives a hint where large interference among the heavy Higgs bosons $\phi_i$, the SM Higgs $H$ and the SM background $B$ are to be expected depending on the final state under consideration:
Notation: Heavy (CP-admixed) Higgs bosons $\phi_i$, SM Higgs $H$, SM background $B$

$b\bar b/\tau^+\tau^-$ $t\bar t$ $\gamma\gamma$ $VV$ $HH$
Int. between $\phi_i$ and $\phi_j$ yes yes yes yes yes
Int. between $\phi_i$ and $B$ yes yes yes yes
Int. between $\phi_i$ and $H$ yes yes

The final state $HH$ is (also) discussed in the di-Higgs group.

Discussion 20/06/2017:


Discussion 22/06/2017:

Work plan:

  1. Calculate $d\sigma^X/dm_{VV}$ or $dm_{HH}$ for $gg\to VV/HH$ at LO QCD and at partonic level for $X=S,I_B$ and $I_H$ for the subsequent parameters and store them as a function of $m_{VV}/m_{HH}$ in a table that ranges from $m_\Phi-10\Gamma_\Phi$ to $m_\Phi+10\Gamma_\Phi$ with sufficient data points:
  2. $VV$: $c_ge^{i\theta_g}$, $m_\Phi$, $\Gamma_\Phi$, $\kappa_V$ (in a first step choose $\sqrt{1-\kappa_V^2}$ for the SM $HVV$ coupling).
  3. $HH$: $c_ge^{i\theta_g}$, $m_\Phi$, $\Gamma_\Phi$, $\lambda_{Hhh}, \lambda_{hhh}$
  4. Read in the table (with Mathematica) and calculate relative correction factors named $(\eta^-,\eta^+,\eta)$, see slides, or apply a similar method (e.g. arXiv:1510.03450) to quantify the relevance of the interferences.
  5. Try to classify the relevant regions, where interferences are of relevance (check also $\Gamma_\Phi/m_\Phi\cdot \sigma^S/\sigma^B$).


for the different final states:

$t\bar t/gg/\gamma\gamma$:

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for two interfering heavy Higgs bosons:


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