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Les Houches

2023 Session

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Les Houches Higgs Working Group

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List of Topics

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SM Issues (Session 1)

  • Parton shower and underlying event related systematics in Higgs measurements for signal and background (together with Loops,Multilegs,Jets)
  • Prospect of quark/gluon jet tagging for VBF (synergy with Jets session)
  • Predictions+uncertainty models for backgrounds to ttH production: tt+HF, ggH+HF, tt+V
  • Background function choice for H→gamgam and H→mumu: how to evaluate the functional choice systematics
  • STXS:
    • Brainstorming on “STXS for Higgs decays” or something similar for decay propery measurements
    • Updates on STXS for production
  • Probing Higgs Width and Top Quark Yukawa Coupling from ttH and tttt
  • Higgs pair production and self-coupling observables, top quark mass-scheme uncertainties
  • EFT description of Higgs production

Working Group Pages (Session 1)

Working Group Pages (Session 2)

Higgs: new physics. Session 2

  • Collider probes of H parameter
  • Ultimate automated one loop matching
  • Higgs couplings vs VV scattering as a probe of new physics
  • Higgs CP violating couplings to lighter fermions
  • Standardization of sharing BSM predictions for observables
  • LFV Higgs to 4 leptons
  • STXS: usefulness of different binning from BSM models point of view
  • Higgs Precision vs Direct Detection of new physics
  • Higgs pairs: lambda_HHH from single & double;
  • Natural Higgs alignment, low upper limits on new Higgs masses, and non-SM multi-H couplings in the Gildener-Weinberg scheme.
  • VBF Higgs pairs: C2v, Cv relation
  • Rare decays: benchmark for H→aa→gamgamgamgam
  • Rare and exotic Higgs decays: further channels not searched for? motivation in specific BSM scenarios?
  • CP violation and Higgs: (HL-)LHC sensitivity, complementarity with other probes (e.g. EDMs)
  • Lighter than 125 GeV scalars: how well are they covered by LHC and LEP?
  • Interpretation of SM coupling/STXS constraints in BSM benchmarks
  • MSSM: how to close the gap in the high mA (>= 500 GeV), intermediate tan(beta) range?
  • Precision measurements to sharpen interpretation of Higgs results (W mass, TGCs, W/Z coupling to quarks, CKM …)
  • New physics at the high-energy tail of Higgs distributions
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