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Les Houches

2021 Session

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Project aim

We intend to study different photon-isolation prescriptions (standard and smooth cone), extending previous studies to new hybrid isolation. We would like to recommend the use of the isolation parameters applied by the LHC, without any tuning procedure.We intend to estimate numerically the size of the power corrections associated to the qT-subtraction formalism and the behaviour of such power corrections in function of the isolation parameters.

Intro talk: photon_isolation_les_houches.pdf

  • f.o: Ana, Alex, Leandro, Xuan
  • Monte Carlo: Mauro, Tomas
  • Accord avoid tuning: All
  • Power corrections in qT: Leandro, Daniel
  • Fragmentation Functions: Daniel, Jean-Philippe

Additional interested candidates can put their name down on this list:

  • Leandro Cieri
  • Alexander Huss
  • Xuan Chen
  • Joey Huston
  • Ana Rosario Cueto Gòmez
  • Daniel de Florian
  • Mauro Chiesa
  • Jean-Philippe Guillet
  • Tomas Jezo
  • Stefan Kallweit
  • Philippe Gras
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