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Les Houches

2021 Session

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Les Houches Themes



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SM: Loops, Multi-legs, Jets

List of Topics

1) PDFs

a) impact of LHC data, current and future

  • -how well do we know PDFs at high x→implications for new physics
  • -how Gaussian are high x PDF uncertainties, i.e. what would it take to believe a high mass excess

b) impact of/need for an LHeC

c) combination of PDF sets

d) impact of NNLO jet calculations


a) wishlist of calculations→ review of what current exists→input: what do the experiments really want?

b) study of the 'Sudakov Zone', ~1 TeV where EWK corrections may be comparable to QCD corrections

c) PDFs with QED corrections, photon PDFs, gamma-gamma processes

3) Binoth Les Houches Accord (BLHA)

There will be an update on this. Pdf file of the write-up

4) Top Decays a) handling top decays in processes like tTH, tTbB and tTjj

Coordination with Snowmass: QCD Issues

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