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Les Houches 2019 Tools and Monte-Carlo Working Group

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If you are interested in a session on learning to install and run Contur please sign up here and we will schedule something early in the week.

Reinterpretation Forum statement

All welcome to contribute:

….this should actually become a short review of what material is provided by different experimental groups , how it is used in recasting, how it improves things, additional aspects to consider, etc…..cover searches as well as measurements……

Extra angles to include: use of event sharing from/between experiments and pheno? Analysis combinations by experiments on elementary nuisances: provide multi-analysis SL covariance.

Machine Learning: Regression and classification

=== Library of regression and classification networks Keras/Tensorflow and Scikit-learn to start Library of Training data, maybe connected to hep-data (database)

Train regression on the following: - electroweak cross-section in pMSSM19 (DeepXs, …) - cross sections Wprime, Zprime (how many dimensions?) - Doublet Higgs model (6 dim)

Train likelihoods: - global fits Gambit Xenoda data (train on likehoods on different observables, e.g. only colliderbit) - Higgs model with many nuisance parameters (100?)

Train on observables: - example relic density

Train on reconstruction efficiencies: - LLSps

(want to share code for the networks…)

Output: - git repositories for networks - Xenodo data - talk with hepdata - paper - prototype code for the network library

Other info: - How to sample ? Depends on goal, proposed active learning etc.

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