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Programme in Les Houches

As is the tradition in LH, the programme will be built up on a daily basis. Until the meeting takes place (or just about), we can only list the programme of the first and last days of each session.

Room Reservation for WG meetings/discussions with boards and projectors

  • Auditorium: holds 70 people
  • Library: holds about 30 people
  • QCD Room: About 20-25 people

(there are other informal small meeting places/corners..)

Session 1

Monday 10 June

19h30 Dinner LH Restaurant
21h00 Conveners and Organisers Meet Auditorium

Tuesday 11 June

09h00-09h15 General Introduction and Welcome Organisers Auditorium
Working Group Summaries Auditorium
09h15-9h40 SM experimental PDF Joey Huston Auditorium
09h40-10h05 SM theory PDF Alexander Huss Auditorium
10h05-10h30 Jets PDFSimone Marzani Auditorium
10h30-11h00 BreakHall deWitt
11h00-11h20 Higgs theory PDF Stephen JonesAuditorium
11h20-11h45 Higgs experimental PDF Michael Duehrssen Auditorium
11h45-12h30 Tools and MC PDF Emanuele ReAuditorium
12h30-14h30 Lunch, Coffee, Sport, … LH Restaurant
14h30-16h00 General Discussion & Task Assignment, Round Table All Auditorium
16h00-16h30 Coffee/Tea Break Lounge in Main Building
16h00-17h00 Jet brainstorming whoever is interested Auditorium
17h00-18h00 Higgs brainstorming whoever is interested Library
19h00-19h30 Welcome Drink, … LH Restaurant
19h30- Dinner, … LH Restaurant

Wednesday 12 June

9h00-10h00 NLM brainstorming NLM Auditorium
10h30-12h00 MC/tools: project meetings MC/tools Auditorium
14h00-15h00 Tuning discussion Jets QCD room
14h00-18h00 Higgs: STXS in production and ideas for STXS in decays ( Higgs Auditorium
16h00-17h00 Jets: Gluon PDF Discussion Jets QCD room
18h00-19h00 VBF/VBS q/g Discussion Jets QCD room

Thursday 13 June

09h00-10h30 VBS/VBF MC/tools Auditorium
10h00-12h00 Higgs: EFT interpretation of Higgs measurements Higgs Library
10h00-11h00 MC variations MC/Tools Auditorium
10h00-12h00 Theory Nuisances for W/Z pT, and resummation for precision W/Z fiducial xsecs NLM + MC/tools QCD Room
14h00-15h00 All-order calculations and their application to jet physics Felix Ringer Auditorium
15h00-16h00 Discussion on R-dependence of jet cross-sections Felix Ringer & Gregory SoyezAuditorium
16h30-18h00 Subtraction schemes NLM Auditorium
16h00-16h45 LHEF updates MC/Tools Library
17h00-18h00 ttbb first, then top pT MC/Tools Library

Friday 14 June

9h00-11h00 Scale uncertainties in PDFs Stefano Forte NLM Auditorium
11h00-12h30 Theory Uncertainties: Beyond Scale Variations PDF NLM Auditorium
14h00-16h00 Photon isolation NLM QCD Room
14h00-15h00 Gluon PDF update Jets Library
14h00- ~15h00 MC variations (continuation) MC and tools Auditorium
15h30-16h30 ttW differential EW MC and tools QCD room
16h00- 17h00 NNLO ntuples MC and tools library
16h00-17h00 Tuning update Jets Auditorium
16h30-18h00 PDF benchmarking NLM QCD Room
16h30-17h30 Weighted event generation, negative weights discussion follow-up MC and Tools Library
18h00-19h00 VBF/VBS q/g update Jets Auditorium

Saturday 15 June

09h00-11h00 Boosted Higgs discussion NLM+Higgs+Jets Auditorium
10h00-11h00 Analytic expressions from numerical programs NLM QCD Room
11h00-11h30 Short kick-off meeting on Top Mass Scheme Uncertainties HJ/HH/ZH/H* Higgs Library
11h00-12h00 (Generalized) threshold factorization for rapidity spectrum Slides Johannes Michel NLM Auditorium
14h00-15h00 Weighted event generation, negative weights discussion follow-up II MC and Tools Library

Sunday 16 June

Weather permitting, this is a day off.

Monday 17 June

10h00-10h30 gg→HZ study MC/tools QCD room → Library
10h30-12h00 EFT follow up Higgs QCD room → Library
14h00-18h00 Higgs: Combined LHCXSWG di-Higgs Subgroup Meeting on SM Uncertainties & EFTs ( Higgs Auditorium
14h00-15h00 VBF/VBS (status and “tasks assignment”) MC/Tools QCD room
15h00-16h00 MC variations, case study (define precise aim and “tasks assignment”) MC/Tools QCD room
16h15-16h30 MC variations, “pedagogical compendium” MC/Tools Library
16h00-17h00 Gluon PDF Jets QCD room
17h00-17h30 initial state PS PDF treatment MC/Tools QCD room
17h00-18h00 q/g tagging for VBF/VBS Jets Library
18h00-19h00 tuning with JSS Jets QCD room
18h00-18h30 ttbb (status, define precise aim, “tasks assignment”) MC/tools library

Τuesday 18 June

9h15 - 10h00 ttW (ew corrections) MC/tools (EW experts welcome) QCD room
10h00-12h00 STXS follow up Higgs QCD room
11h00-12h00 tt~ spin correlation + NNLO tt~ MC/Tools, NLM library
14h00-17h00 resummation benchmarking meeting Indico NLM qcd room
15h30-17h00 LH wishlist update NML Auditorium
17h00-18h00 NLO + PS for higher order QCD uncertainties Jets/NLM QCD room
19h00- Aperitif + Workshop dinner LH Restaurant

Wednesday 19 June

08h45-11h40 Session 1 Reports of the WGs Auditorium
08h45-09h10 SM Loops/Multilegs Experimental Josh Bendavid Auditorium
09h10-09h35 SM Loops/Multilegs Theory Daniel Maitre Auditorium
09h35-10h00 Jets Ben Nachman Auditorium
10h00-10h25 BreakHall deWitt
10h25-10h50 Higgs Theory Daniel de FlorianAuditorium
10h50-11h15 Higgs experimental Mauro Donega Auditorium
11h15-11h40 Tools and MC TH_part Ex_part Vitaliano Ciulli, Stefan Prestel Auditorium
11h45-12h00 A few words from the organisers slidesFawzi Auditorium
12h00-13h30 Lunch and Coffee LH Restaurant
13h30- Conference bus departs for CERN and Geneva Airport Car Park

Session 1 Ends

Session 2

Wednesday 19 June

19h30 Dinner LH Restauraunt
21h30 Conveners and Organisers Meet Auditorium

Thursday 20 June

09h00-09h15 General Intro and Welcome Fawzi Auditorium
Working Group Summaries Auditorium
09h15-12h15 WG Presentations Auditorium
09h15-10h00 BSM Theory and BSM Experimental PDF BSM WG conveners Auditorium
10h00-10h45 Higgs BSM The conveners Auditorium
10h45-11h15 Break
11h15-12h00 Tools&MC PDF The conveners Auditorium
14h30-16h30 Brainstorming. Defining Projects All Auditorium
16h30-17h00 Tea Break All CdW Hall
17h00-18h50 Interpretation/Recasting MC&Tools+BSM WG Auditorium
17h00-18h40 H+Extra Scalars, di-Higgs,Exotic decays, Light (p)scalars Higgs WG Library
19h00-19h30 Welcome Drink, … LH Restaurant
19h30- Dinner, … LH Restaurant

Friday 21 June

9h30-10h45 LQ, LFU, High PT BSM WGAuditorium
11h00-12h30 Machine Learning kickoff ML for BSM and tools Auditorium or Library
14h30-16h00 DM +LLP's BSM Auditorium
16h00-?? Higgs EFT Higgs WG Auditorium
17h00-?? Low-mass (pseudo-)scalars BSM QCD
17h00-?? Learning Machine Learning for non Machines without Machines ML for BSM and tools Library
18h00-18h30 Recast comparison quick planning Tools Auditorium

Saturday 22 June

09h30-11h00 STXS BSM Higgs Auditorium
09h30-11h00 Contur intro/developer kickoff and search/meas complementarity Tools+MC Library
09h30-11h00 WIMPy dark matter (DM+leptoquarks) BSM QCD
11h00-12h30 ML: Regression x-sec, BR, likelihoods, sampling ML library
11h00-12h30 High-pT dilepton tails. SMEFT analysis and LFU ratios BSM QCD
14h30-16h00 Analysis description language Tools+MC QCD
14h30-16h00 Low-mass (p)scalars BSM library
16h00-17h30 Higgs without the Higgs Higgs QCD
16h00-17h30 ML: Generative models, event generation ML library
16h00-17h30 Dark matter + long-lived particles BSM Auditorium
17h30-19h00 Exotic Higgs Decays Higgs/BSM library
18h30-19h30 Unified collider recast code design Tools+MC QCD

Sunday 23 June

Sunday was a day off. A hike to Aiguillete des Houches was organised. Some pics can be found here (Sabine's pics,…Upload yours on our LH owncloud)

Pics from the hike to Aiguilette des Houches:

Monday 24 June

9h30-10h30 LQ, pheno of an UV completition BSM QCD
11h00-12h30 ML: Anomaly detection, etc. Tools Auditorium
11h00-12h30 High-pT dilepton tails. SMEFT analysis and LFU ratios BSM QCD
14h15-15h00 ML: Generative models 2 Tools Library
14h30-15h00 Interference: should new particle searches take QM seriously? BSM/Higgs Auditorium
14h30-15h00 High-pT dilepton tails - FeynRules model BSM QCD
15h00-16h00 How ATLAS decides what to trigger on (including LLPs) BSM/Higgs Auditorium
15h00-16h00 Recast comparison: follow-up and use of experiment open software Tools Library
16h00-17h30 High-pT dilepton tails - R(mll) LFU ratio BSM Coffee
16h00-17h30 Dark Matter + LLPs: Tagging SM hadrons in LLP searches/displaced gammas BSM QCD
16h00-17h00 Low-mass scalars: $h \rightarrow Z \phi$ Higgs Amphi
17h30-18h30 INFORMAL DISCUSSION IF YOU HAVE DONE A TUTORIAL: Discussion and demo about ML tutorial. Exercise and example can be downloaded here ML for BSM and tools Library

Tuesday 25 June

09h30-11h00 RDM project BSM QCD
10h00-11h00 Analysis orthogonality Tools Library
11h00-12h00 Dilepton search Rivet recast Tools Auditorium
11h00-12h30 ML: Models from networks Tools QCD
11h00-12h30 Higgs without the Higgs (2) Higgs library
14h30-16h30 BSM: Light Scalars BSM QCD
14h30-15h30 Higgs STXS-EFT Higgs library
16h00-17h30 ML: Regression x-sec, BR, likelihoods, sampling 2 ML Auditorium
17h30-18h30 4-top Higgs QCD

Wednesday 26 June

10h00-11h00 LLP recasting discussion Tools Library
11h00-12h00 Dilepton recast follow-up with Tanya Tools QCD
11h00-12h30 Freeze-in from scattering @ the LHC BSM Library
14h00-15h00 VLQ simplified model & LQ, pheno of an UV completion BSM QCD
14h00-15h30 ML: Generative models 3 Tools Auditorium
15h00-16h00 Higgs without Higgs: ZZ, ttHZ, exotic Higgs decays Higgs Library
16h30-18h00 ML: Anomaly detection 2 Tools Auditorium
17h00-18h30 High-T dilepton: discussion on simulations QCD Library

Session 2

Thursday 27 June

10h00-11h00 LLPs from DM with 'softish' decays BSM Auditorium
10h00-11h00 0-lepton search recast follow-up Tools Library
11h00-12h00 Dilepton recast and interference dip Tools QCD
14h30-16h00 RDM: last meeting BSM QCD
14h30-16h00 ML : last meeting - wrap up Tools and BSM Lib
15h30-16h00 Recast tool comparison catch-up Tools Auditorium
16h30-17h30 Universal recasting code design Tools Auditorium
19h00 Drink Bar
19h30- Repas Savoyard Restaurant
22h00- Recording the LH song by the piano

Friday 28 June

09h00-11h45 Session 2 Reports of the WGs Auditorium
09h00-09h45 BSM PDF & ML PDF Auditorium
09h45-10h30 Higgs Auditorium
10h30-11h00 Coffee Break Hall Cécile de Witt
11h00-11h45 MC & Tools PDF Auditorium
11h45-12h00 A word from the organisers the Organisers Auditorium
12h00-13h10 Lunch and Coffee LH Restaurant
13h00- Walk to the bus
13h30- Workshop bus departs for CERN and Geneva Airport Prarion

Session 2 Ends but Workshop continues!

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